Thursday, 13 April 2017


The end of term is almost here and soon we can have two weeks off school ya! my goals for term two goal one to get a restricted licences a restricted licences means that we can work well in calls and when we are not being supervised that is wot it means In mamaku three. goal two to tip faster  because it takes a Willie 
to tip goal three two read more books because I am not good at reading!In mamaku three we were give a topic about a baby dragon or a story that start  with put your hands up so i chews put your hands up here it is.
Put your hands up and get down on the ground now. keep away from the alarm batten. get away and give me your money. hat’s how I was born in the hospital being born while it was being you know it was not nice at all my family their death was when I was born in NY. Back to the story. I was driving away with a car full of money but the police got me I tell you I had over a million
Doles It was great at the start but not really that  I look at the dark sky
Said run away I had a crowbar I tried to bend the metal and yes it worked
I ran away  it was one day in tell they came to look for me. I went to a place where no one wood came to look for me and that place     

have a good day thank you for reading

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