Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Maths Reflection

Hello Welcome To Term 2 Week 6. This Week For Maths I've Been Working On PVP - Place Value Partitioning. I've Done This In My Book So It's A Little Hard To See. There Were 6 Questions To Answer But  I Have Only Completed 3.  

W.A.L.T :Use Place Value Partitioning To Solve A Problem

Here Is My Photo Of My Work.......I Think I Could Have Done More But I think I Have everything For Today.


  1. Hello Angel, It's Caitlyn here. Your best friend. WOW!! I think you have done a good job on your Maths (aka) Reflection. Do you like doing Maths that much? What's your favourite thing about Maths? Maybe next time you could probley double check the capital letters, and the full stops, and make sure they are in the right spot. Well Done Angel, I'm very proud of you. (:

  2. Kia Ora Angel,
    My name is Indi.
    Well done with your PVP.
    We have been doing some of that stuff with big numbers adding 3 and 4 digit number together. We have to make sure everything is in the right column.
    What does W.A.L.T mean?
    Blog you later Indi

  3. Hello Angel,
    I love your working out. You're so smart!
    Next time maybe make a copy on your chrome book so we can see it better
    What type of math do you find most hard?
    Good Job!


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